ALL GOD'S GRACE In One Tiny Face

Dr. Treptow has nested her reflective practice and infant mental health expertise within a rich network of local, regional, national, and international early childhood colleagues.

If you love a baby or toddler I am here to help make life better for you and for those little ones. Children, even babies, are experts on who they are and who God created them to be. Believing we are created in love for love, my method is relational. Everyone deserves to flourish and thrive. To help that happen, I support children and their caregivers to build early connections by exploring new ways of being happy and whole together. 


Parents and others provide order, love, and wisdom as a child grows up. Sometimes, when the going gets tough this means bringing in persons like me who offer hope, fresh ideas, and ways to see problems as a chance to grow. A part of this work involves feelings. We will reflect together about what is going well, and create a shared space to support your child-rearing efforts. I am here to help you unravel and move past whatever might get in the way of loving, learning, and growing in the ways you want.

“Dr. Robin Treptow’s work lies at the forefront of efforts to bring light and understanding to the problem of implicit bias. Her work helps us recognize how our usual thinking about kids with challenges can lead to our offering them fewer opportunities.”
Joshua D. Feder, MD
Child and Family Psychiatry
“Dr. Robin Treptow is a thoughtful practitioner clearly committed to the using and promoting reflective practices in her clinical, teaching, and community development work.”