Having been passionate for an Montana IMH association for more than a decade, we’ve drawn from one of the foundational principles of IMH in setting up WMW:MT-AIMH by allying with a couple of really serious indigenous leaders. Deborah (“DeeDee”) Robart, MA, LCPC, Ron Kling, MEd, PLPC, and myself are happy to share with the rest of Montana’s budding infant mental health community that our state now has an Incorporated association of infant mental health. Membership in Wee Moccasin Way is available to all persons interested in promoting, advocating for or improving the social and emotional well-being of infants, young children and their families with young children. This includes non-professional stakeholders and/or parents or parent advocacy representatives. We especially welcome members in Montana’s tribal nations.
JOIN US NOW: Members who join on or before 20 May 2021 will not incur dues for the first fiscal year; their dues shall be rendered as paid. Any member who joins within two years of Incorporation shall be an Inaugural Member.A little history. We of the WMW:MT-AIMH (Wee Moccasin Way: Montana’s Association of Infant Mental Health) Founding Board of Directors have made it a point to build relationships. It was our understanding that getting an IMH going in Montana had moved to a priority so we ramped up our efforts starting this past summer. Borne out of the Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health s 2018 Reflective Conference on Diversity, we’ve been building an understanding of Montana’s unique IMH needs related to diversity.
While Census estimates report just 6% Natives in Montana, we know Natives and other minority groups have been underrepresented and under involved in policymaking as was stressed by Lindsey Ursy of Zero to Three in last Thursday’s infant mental health policy webinar:Now, we want to invite you personally to join with the WMW:MT-AIMH efforts. We’ve nurtured relationships to form WMW:MT-AIMH, and found people passionate for Native voices. Why wouldn’t we partner with state agencies, and others in Montana who are passionate for infants’ mental health? You may be wondering what this means. We hope you’ll be excited and join us! WMW:MT-AIMH is seeking the broadest exposure of membership. A few questions to ponder if you are on the fence: What would it mean if you choose not to join WMW: MT-AIMH? How will it be perceived by others if WMW:MT-AIMH is not broadly accepted by you as fellow infant mental health leaders?
We are trying to promote collaboration and resource sharing as a matter of equity. Our unique lens may matter for differing funding sources. Given the national setting and recent events, we were spurred to set up WMW:MT-AIMH with a focus on Natives. White supremacy and the privilege which accompanies it permeate our culture. Amid these dynamics any organization worth its salt is now changing its Bylaws to be more diverse/inclusive. Thus, with WMW:MT-AIMH we have an opportunity to be a leader in this area. It will take other organizations months/years to get to the place of diversity/inclusivity that WMW:MT-AIMH has in its Founding Bylaws.
At the ZZT conference this year—and as printed in Perspectives, the newsletter of WAIMH—Michale Yellowbird who spoke about mindfulness from an indigenous perspective: https://www.zerotothree.org/resources/3715-perspectives-defunding-mindfulness-while-we-sit-on-our-cushions-systemic-racism-runs-rampant.
Welcome to Wee Moccasin Way: Montana’s Association of Infant Mental Health. Our mission/vision is to promote the healthy social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of children from conception to six years of age via nurturing relationships–especially in Native families & communities.Join Wee Moccasin Way: Montana’s Association of Infant Mental HealthWe are newly incorporated on 20 November 2020, and we are eager to serve Montana’s babies, young children, and their families’ social and emotional needs. If you are a professional working with infants and their families, or if you are a parent or a caregiver of an infant or young child, please join us! Membership is free of charge for the first year if you join by 20 May 2021. Our Founding Board Members are Dr. Robin Lynn Treptow (President); Deborah (“DeeDee”) Robart, MA, LCPC (Vice President/Secretary), and Ron Kling, MEd, PLPC (Treasurer/Membership Chair). All eligible Wee Moccasin Way Members are encouraged to join the World Association of Infant Mental Health (WAIMH). WAIMH Annual Membership dues are $75.00 for Professionals. WMW: MT-AIMH Members who are Members of WAIMH pay 50% reduced annual dues. At all times, the Board of Directors will work to achieve and maintain a culturally, racially, ethnically, and geographically diverse membership.
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I am a Catholic Christian counselor, reflective consultant, inspirational speaker, and professor who applies virtue, i.e., good habits or choices, within relationships to help babies, and those who love them, to live better and more happier lives.

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