Infant Mental Health Services

If you and your young child are struggling to get along, it can be hard to know where to turn. I am here to help you with challenges that affect early relationships. Practice limited to children aged birth to 6 and those who love them, as well as prenatal emotional care to help you bond with your unborn baby.

Most of the time, you’ll come with your infant/toddler and we’ll work together to change things for the better in your world. I may come to your home if that’s better for you. Other times, you may come to a parent group, or I might visit your church or childcare center. I may also bring in the voices of trained consultants so as to better serve you and your child. 

To send me a private, confidential email, please reach out to me at my Simple Practice client portal. 


I am dedicated to helping lower income families, and I accept Medicaid. All families are welcomed on a private pay basis, or as a subscription plan. Due to the small size of my practice, I am not on other insurance panels, but you may be able to submit some of my services to your insurance for payment. We can work together to find options that work for you. 


I use a variety of tools to get a picture of what might be going on for your infant/child and your family. We work together–you are the best person(s) for knowing what is going on with your child. Your child also tells us a lot by what we see, hear, and experience around him or her. This way of finding out what you and your child need from me typically happens over many weeks, or even months. 


I work under an infant mental health model, which means I treat you and your child[ren] using a relationship lens. We look at what you or your child are thinking, feeling, and doing from a family model. You and I work with your child together in the “space” between you and your child rather than seeing one another as the problem.


Some of my work with babies and families is consulting, which means it involves third parties and not a child or family directly. It is not billable through insurance. It may be work I do in childhood settings, or community workshops I offer to families or other caregivers. As well, I am available for reflective practice consultation one-on-one, in small groups, or at an organizational level with a focus on making life better for babies by helping the adults who serve them.



I will work with you to find ways to live better and stay healthier. As a Wellness Coach trained and certified through the Mayo Clinic, I offer solo and group sessions. How we care for our bodies impacts our ability to love and care for the young children in our lives. This service is available for parents, grandparents, or anyone who wants to gain energy, focus, and drive to make life better for the young babies and toddlers in their lives.


I would be honored to join your next event. The following topic ideas are for you to consider:

  • Healthy living from a faith-based lens
  • Social, emotional, and brain development for children
  • Emotional and social needs of children with developmental delays
  • Rewriting the stories we tell ourselves (and others) about how a child with challenges will learn and grow
  • Anti-bias training for early intervention, childcare, and others who work with babies
  • Support and problem-solving for families of children who learn differently
  • Reflective practice–larger group workshops and smaller trainings
  • Zero to Three “The Growing Brain”