Wisdom for the Body and for the Soul

Founded by Robin Lynn Treptow in 2012, Wisdom For The Body and For the Soul was created in order to provide training, education, and mental health services for professionals and families around the globe. The brand was developed out of three passions:


War hurts babies and children more than most of us can imagine.



A desire to give hope and energy to families like mine where babies are born with challenges that cause others to think they’ll never be able to do the same things other kids can do.



By helping people see that living (and loving) happens one day at a time, people will want to take better care of their physical bodies in order to spend more time in this existence with the ones they love.


Using this foundation, I hope to transform our world through hands-on clinical work, teaching and mentoring other professionals, and living and speaking the truth about God’s unfathomable goodness.

“I had the pleasure of having Dr. Treptow attend my 11th Annual 5-day Spirituality and Health Research Workshop at the Center for Spirituality, Theology, and Health. I commend her for being among the 900 researchers, scholars, and clinicians trained in my workshops.”
Harold Koenig, MD
Professor, Duke University Medical Center
“Dr. Treptow's use of reflective practice to increase her own self awareness and that of others is a steady current in her clinical and teaching work. Her work to engage Native American Infant and Early Childhood Professionals more equitably in her state is a critical step in building a truly diverse workforce.”
Mary Claire Heffron, PhD